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Synchronize subtitles with the movie in VLC player

Re-sync by small steps:

g – move subtitles forward +0.5 sec

h – move subtitles back -0.5 sec

Re-sync based on clear sentence:

Press Shift+H to mark the recognizable sentence, when you hear it

Press Shift+J to mark the subtitles for this sentence

Press Shift+K to synchronize the subtitles

If subtitles are ahead of […]

Oracle Data Modeler: change user interface language

Oracle Data Modeler in the current version (3.3.0.x) does not allow to change the user interface language in “Options” or somewhere else in the GUI.

However, it’s possible to force it to switch to some other language, using datamodeler\bin\datamodeler.conf configuration file. The following lines should be added to the file for English:

AddVMOption -Duser.language=en AddVMOption […]

AutoCAD: slow mouse reaction

Sometimes in AutoCAD the mouse hangs for some time (up to 1 seconds) for every operation.

Here are some methods to reduce these “sticking” moments.

If this is wireless mouse, check the batteries. (In fact, this will work for every application, not for AutoCAD only!) If the Layer Palette is used – turn it OFF […]

Outlook 2007: set default font in Outlook

I think, the “Options” window in Outlook is one of the most tangled things in IT. The programmers were so smart to create real “spaghetti” window! Did they ever hear about “user friendly” interfaces? They could at least add the “Search” field somewhere – otherwise, it’s not possible to find anything.

Here is the way […]

Oracle: checksum function for strings

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION get_checksum(source_string IN VARCHAR) RETURN VARCHAR IS   raw_string RAW(2048);   result     RAW(2048); BEGIN   raw_string := utl_i18n.string_to_raw(source_string);   result := sys.dbms_crypto.hash(raw_string, sys.dbms_crypto.hash_sh1);   RETURN result ; END; /

MS Word: put syntax highlighed code into the document

Here is the simple method to put the code with highlighting into the Word document:

Download and install Notepad++. This is easy-to-use and yet very powerful text editor with a lot of features, support of the plugins etc. Put your code into the Notepad++ edit window Configure the language, if Notepad++ did not do this […]

Windows: local printer option is greyed out

Some time ago I need to add the local printer to the system, however, this option was greyed out in the “Add printer” wizard. The problem was caused by local policy, preventing the adding of the new devices to the system.

The following should be done to enable “Add local printer” option

Start the policy […]

PDF file: set the bookmark

Strange enough, Adobe Acrobar Reader does not allow to put the user-defined bookmarks into the PDF file (and this is so simple and necessary thing!)

However, with the help of some “hack” the bookmarks still could be used.

Here is the trick:

Go to PDF Hacks site and download the zip file with the javascript. […]

AppleScript: rotate mov file in QuickTime Pro

Some kind of life hack: it’s very easy to make mov file with digital camera, rotating it 90 degrees. However, it’s not so easy to convert the result file to the ‘visible’ form.

QuickTime Pro(the native product from Apple) could do this, and I found the AppleScript script, which could make it even more easy.


Office: check if PowerPoint is running

Dim objAPP, sMsg On Error Resume Next Set objAPP = GetObject(, "PowerPoint.Application") If TypeName(objAPP) = "Empty" Then     sMsg = "not started" Else     sMsg = "started" End If MsgBox "PowerPoint is " & sMsg, vbInformation, "PowerPoint" if sMsg = "started" then objAPP.Visible = true