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AutoIt: script for hotkeys usage

This script allows You to define the global Windows hotkeys via the configuration file.

The syntax of the config file is simple:


Here “Hotkey” is the combination of the keyboard key with one of the identifiers:

^ Ctrl ! Alt + Shift # Windows-Key


;Win+C – start calculator […]

Oracle: buffer overflow (ORU-10027)

Sometimes it’s necessary to show the output of the PL/SQL script. Usually the dbms_output package is used:

SET serveroutput ON DECLARE  i NUMBER ; BEGIN  i:=0 ;  WHILE i< 100000 LOOP   i:=i+1 ;   dbms_output.put_line(’This is just test line #’ || TO_CHAR(i) ) ;  END LOOP ; END; /

After several thousands lines the […]