AppleScript: rotate mov file in QuickTime Pro

Some kind of life hack: it’s very easy to make mov file with digital camera, rotating it 90 degrees. However, it’s not so easy to convert the result file to the ‘visible’ form.

QuickTime Pro(the native product from Apple) could do this, and I found the AppleScript script, which could make it even more easy.

tell application "QuickTime Player"
set m to (get movie 1)
rotate m by -90
save self contained m in (choose file name with prompt "save self contained movie")
end tell

The script is mentioned here

Oracle: using substitution variables in sqlplus

Get the value:

ACCEPT my_password CHAR PROMPT 'Password: ' HIDE
ACCEPT birthday DATE FORMAT 'dd/mm/yyyy' DEFAULT '01/01/1950' PROMPT 'Enter birthday date: '

Declaring the variable

DEFINE the_answer = 42

Undefine the variable

UNDEFINE the_answer

How to remember the result of the query

column the_date new_value the_rundate noprint;
select to_char(sysdate, 'DDMMYYYY_HH24MI') the_date from dual;

select '&the_rundate' from dual ;

Save the variables to the file

store set myvars.txt create
store set myvars.txt replace
store set myvars.txt append

Assign several values to the variable

DEFINE my_list = " 'the Life', 'the Universe', 'and Everything'"

select *
from Book
where answer in ( &my_list );