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PDF file: set the bookmark

Strange enough, Adobe Acrobar Reader does not allow to put the user-defined bookmarks into the PDF file (and this is so simple and necessary thing!)

However, with the help of some “hack” the bookmarks still could be used.

Here is the trick:

Go to PDF Hacks site and download the zip file with the javascript. […]

Code for adding the project to bookmarks

Add the project to del.icio.us


Post a project on digg.com


Add the site to bookmarks:

function add2Bookmarks(title,url) {   if (window.sidebar) {    window.sidebar.addPanel(title, url,"");  } else if( document.all ) {     window.external.AddFavorite( url, title);  } else if( window.opera && window.print ) {     return true;  } […]