Synchronize subtitles with the movie in VLC player

Re-sync by small steps:

g – move subtitles forward +0.5 sec

h – move subtitles back -0.5 sec

Re-sync based on clear sentence:

Press Shift+H to mark the recognizable sentence, when you hear it

Press Shift+J to mark the subtitles for this sentence

Press Shift+K to synchronize the subtitles

If subtitles are ahead of the video, press Shift+J, then Shift+H, and Shift+K to finalize

Re-sync in menu:

Tools -> Track Synchronization -> Subtitle track synchronization

Select negative number if subtitles are ahead of the sound

Command line:

Define delay in 1/10 of the second (negative or positive)

vlc –sub-delay 100 –sub-file file.avi

Permanent changes:

Subtitles editor (open source)

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