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Oracle: export/import using compressed file

Export to the compressed file

/etc/mknod my_own_pipe p gzip -c -9 < my_own_pipe > mydump.gz & exp username/password …… file=my_own_pipe rm -f my_own_pipe

Import from the compressed file:

/etc/mknod my_own_pipe p gunzip -c mydump.gz > my_own_pipe & imp username/password ……. file=my_own_pipe rm -f my_own_pipe

Oracle: export as sysdba

The following trick could be used, if You want to start Oracle export as sysdba: use double quotes around the single quotes.

Warning! Dump consistency could not be guaranteed, if the export is done under sys user!

exp userid=" ‘/ as sysdba’ " parfile=exp.par

Possible parameter file:

file=mydump.dmp compress=n log=mydump.log direct=y full=n owner=SCOTT consistent=y feedback=10000 […]