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Perl: Soap deserialization error

Sometimes the following error is displayed, if application uses the old version of CPAN SOAP module: “Client Application failed during request deserialization: no element found at line 1, column 0, byte -1 at XML/Parser.pm”

The possilbe solution is to change SOAP::Transport::HTTP module (SOAP/Transport/HTTP.pm), function “handle”:

sysread( STDIN, $buffer, $length )

should be replaced by

read( […]

Search for Oracle errors in the alert log

Search for Oracle errors in the last $NUM lines.

NUM=1000 SIGNAL_LIST=’^(…-|Error|Starting.*instance)|terminating instance’ tail -$NUM alert_${ORACLE_SID}.log | awk ‘ BEGIN {prev="" ; ret=1 } /’"$SIGNAL_LIST"’/ { if ( prev !~ /’"$SIGNAL_LIST"’/ ) { print "" ; print prev;} print $0;ret=0} {prev=$0} END { exit ret } ‘

On Unix Oracle alert log is normally located in […]