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Oracle: buffer overflow (ORU-10027)

Sometimes it’s necessary to show the output of the PL/SQL script.
Usually the dbms_output package is used:

SET serveroutput ON
 i:=0 ;
 WHILE i< 100000 LOOP
  i:=i+1 ;
  dbms_output.put_line('This is just test line #' || TO_CHAR(i) ) ;

After several thousands lines the following error message is displayed:

ORA-20000: ORU-10027: buffer overflow, limit of 20000 bytes
ORA-06512: at “SYS.DBMS_OUTPUT”, line 32
ORA-06512: at “SYS.DBMS_OUTPUT”, line 97
ORA-06512: at “SYS.DBMS_OUTPUT”, line 112
ORA-06512: at line 8

The error message means, that the internal buffer of dbms_output is full. How to increase it?
The following methods could be used:

dbms_package.enable(100000) ;
SET serveroutput ON SIZE 100000

In Oracle 10gR2 the new addition “size unlimited” could be used:

SET serveroutput ON SIZE unlimited

If these methods do not work, the temporary table could be used:

CREATE SEQUENCE my_output_seq ;
CREATE global TEMPORARY TABLE my_output_table( my_row NUMBER, my_out VARCHAR2(120) ) ;
INSERT INTO my_output_table VALUES ( my_output_seq.NEXTVAL, 'This is some string' ) ;
SELECT my_out FROM my_output_table ORDER BY my_row ;
DROP TABLE my_output_table ;
DROP SEQUENCE my_output_seq ;

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