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WHICH command for DOS

If You need the analog of Unix ‘which’ command and do not have Resource Kit, the following batch file will help.
The code was found on www.ss64.com
Published with the permission of the author, Clay Calvert.

@echo off
(set WF=)

:: Look for file in the current directory

for %%a in ("" %!!%) do (
if not defined WF if exist "%~1%%~a" set WF=%CD%\%~1%%~a)

:: Look for file in the PATH

for %%a in ("" %!!%) do (
if not defined WF for %%g in ("%~1%%~a") do (
if exist "%%~$PATH:g" set WF=%%~$PATH:g))

:: Store the Help Error message

if NOT "%~x1"=="" goto:END
for /f "delims=." %%a in ('help.exe *') do set HlpErr=%%a

:: If command missing from Help, goto end

help.exe "%~1" |find "%HlpErr%">nul && goto:END

:: Listed in help so find file in System32

for %%a in (exe com) do (
if /i "%WF%"=="%windir%\system32\%~1.%%a" goto:END)

:: File not in System32, so must be an internal command

set WF="%~1" is an internal command

if defined WF (echo.%WF%) else (
echo The file: "%~1" was not found)

:: Credits:

:: Clay Calvert
:: alt.msdos.batch.nt

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