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Creation and using of Sybase DBCCDB database


sp_plan_dbccdb '{dbname}'


create database dbccdb on ... log on ...

isql -U sa -i $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/scripts/installdbccdb

DBCCDB Configuration:

sp_configure "number of worker processes", {value_from_sp_plan}

-- create named cache for dbccdb
sp_cacheconfig "dbccdb_cache", "{cache_size}M"  

-- Size is at least 40 * 16K * (number of working processes)
sp_poolconfig "dbccdb_cache", "{pool_size}M", "16K"

Working space configuration:

sp_dbcc_createws dbccdb, "default", scan_{dbname}, scan, '{size_from_sp_plan}'
sp_dbcc_createws dbccdb, "default", text_{dbname}, text, '{size_from_sp_plan}'

sp_dbcc_updateconfig {dbname}, 'max worker processes', '{value_from_sp_plan}'
sp_dbcc_updateconfig {dbname}, 'dbcc named cache','dbccdb_cache', '{size}'
sp_dbcc_updateconfig {dbname}, 'scan workspace','scan_{dbname}'
sp_dbcc_updateconfig {dbname}, 'text workspace','text_{dbname}'

dbcc checking:

dbcc checkstorage ({dbname})
dbcc checkverify ({dbname})

dbcc report:

sp_dbcc_faultreport ['short'|'long']

-- all above

Fixing the errors
Warning: just some tips here. See Sybase documentation for the complete description of the repair action

100035, 100025, 100021  - dbcc checktable ( %s , "fix_spacebits")
forwarded rows errors - reorg compact %s with resume , time = '%d'
Index code == 0 - dbcc tablealloc ( %s , "full" , "fix")
Index code != 0  - dbcc indexalloc ( %s , %s , "full" , "fix")

System tables require special processing - see Sybase documentation for the details

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