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Sybase sp_freedevice procedure

Only the short info about Sybase database devices.
min_space – minimum of required space (i.e. 40 will display the devices with >=40M free space)
the_name – the template for the device name (i.e. %mast% will display only master device)

Warning! It was not tested for all possible configurations, so the result could be incorrect on some OS.

create procedure sp_freedevice
@min_space int = null,
@the_name varchar(40) = null

declare @numpgsmb integer         /* Number of 'virtual' Pages per Megabytes */
select @numpgsmb = (1048576. / @@pagesize)

select "phyname"=convert(varchar(40), d.phyname),
"d_size"=convert(varchar(6),(1 + d.high - d.low) / @numpgsmb),
"d_used"=convert(varchar(6), sum(u.size / @numpgsmb)) ,
"d_free"=((1 + d.high - d.low) / @numpgsmb) - sum(u.size / @numpgsmb),
vdevno=d.low/power(2,24) & 255
into #free_device_all_tbl
from master..sysusages u, master..sysdevices d
where u.vstart between d.low and d.high
and d.status & 2 = 2
group by d.name

vdevno=low/power(2,24) & 255,
"Physical Name"=convert(varchar(40), d.phyname),
"Device Name"=convert(varchar(28),d.name),
"Size"=convert(varchar(6),(1 + d.high - d.low) / @numpgsmb),
"Free"=convert(varchar(6),(1 + d.high - d.low) / @numpgsmb)
from master..sysdevices d
where d.name not in (select tmp.name from #free_device_all_tbl tmp)
and d.status & 2 = 2
and ( @min_space is null or ((1 + d.high - d.low) / @numpgsmb) >= @min_space )
and ( @the_name is null or d.phyname like @the_name or d.name like @the_name)
select vdevno ,  phyname , name , d_size , d_used , convert(varchar(6), d_free)
from #free_device_all_tbl
where ( @min_space is null or d_free >= @min_space )
and ( @the_name is null or phyname like @the_name or name like @the_name)
order by 1


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